CALL OF THE SAVAGE - Otis Adelbert Kline - Variant DJ
The Original DJ Front Cover
CALL OF THE SAVAGE - Variant for Clode first edition - $10.99
The variant mounted on my book.
Call of the Savage  - Variant dust jacket for the E. J. Clode first edition.  
  Fellow erblist-ers Bridge and Pete both sent me a suggestion that I create an alternate dust
jacket for Kline's jungle hero novel.  Pete also sent me a copy of the Robert Graef illustration for
the April 18, 1931 ARGOSY magazine cover illustration, suggesting it might be right for the
suggested variant.  I had read the book when I was a teenager, but
as an adult I couldn't
remember the novel well at all. Also, I
had never even seen a copy of the DJ, which, it turns out,
is incredibly plain (see above left).  No wonder they suggested a variant.  

  I ordered a copy of the book from ABEBOOKS.COM, read it
as an adult, decided I liked it better
than I thought I would, and created a variant for it based on the Greaf illustration.  I have tried to
maintain the "feel" of both the Argosy and McClurg SF dust jackets from that age.  I hope I

  Thanks again to Bridge and Pete.