THE PORT OF PERIL - St. John variant Dust Jacket for the Grandon Press edition      $10.99
   This novel began serialization in the November 1932 issue of WEIRD TALES under the title THE BUCCANEERS OF
VENUS.  The cover illustration used for this variant is the cover illustration done by J. Allen St. John for the first
Changing the title to match other Venus books by Kline that had used "Peril" in the title, Grandon
republished the
book in 1949 using a two-color rendition (probably to save money) of the St. John cover from the
original magazine appearance. I have never particularly cared for the two-color version of this illustration used by
Grandon Company.  Therefore, I've used the original four-color magazine version for this variant.  I've also added a
small essay
about the Planetary Romance genre and a few words from Vernell Coriell written for the ACE editions of
Kline's works.   I then
added a tinted Krenkel Barsoon drawing to illustrate the back cover.  I hope you enjoy it as
much as I enjoyed
making it.  

This is the second variant for this title. The first is the Roy G. Krenkel version which can be found (click)
THE PORT OF PERIL - Variant - J. Allen St. John