THE GODS OF MARS - Jesse Marsh Variant
THE GODS OF MARS - Jesse Marsh Variant for G&D and McClurg editions - $11.99
  Jesse Mace Marsh worked for Disney Studios from 1939 to 1948 working on projects such as Pinocchio
and Fantasia. His first work for Western Publishing appeared in 1945, and he worked as staff artist for
them until his death in 1966. In addition to his work on the Tarzan series, he produced an amazing body of
work: Gene Autry, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and many more. In the late fifties, he drew three issues
of "John Carter of Mars" in the 4-Color series - these issues were also reprinted in the mid-60s.

  This particular variant is built around a reconstruction of the cover for the Dell comic "Edgar Rice
John Carter of Mars, No. 3, October 3, 1964."  Tangor did the reconstruction of the art and sent
it to me as a possible variant.  I think he was right, and I hope you like it, too.