Variant - Back to the Stone Age - EWatson Variant, Canaveral Press  editions - $9.99
Back to the Stone Age - Variant DJ for the ERB Inc. first editions and Canaveral Press reprints
Variant - Back to the Stone Age - EWatson Variant, ERB, Inc. first editions - $9.99
Fantasy variant dust jacket: The John Coleman Burroughs' colorful, even garish, cover for BACK TO THE
STONE AGE has long been a favorite of mine. However, ever since I saw Emmet Watson's cover painting
for the January 9, 1937, issue of ARGOSY WEEKLY (first magazine printing as SEVEN WORLDS TO
CONQUER). I have admired its more withheld color pallette and harmony of values and tone.

To create this variant, I used a Burroughs first edition (blue covers) for fitting purposes and the ACE
Books blurb for the back cover design. I then relettered the cover and spine, adding a Burroughs doodad
just above the Burroughs logo. The front flap blurb contains critical comments about the impact of
Burroughs on Twentieth Century notables. The back flap blurb is an essay describing the general
characteristics of Pellucidar. Finally the overall design is an attempt to emulate the ARGOSY WEEKLY
pulp covers in which the story was originally published.

Once purchased, your dust jacket will be wrapped in a mylar dust cover, packed flat, and mailed within twenty-four hours
of payment, even on weekends --- It won't go out until the next workday, but it will be dropped off at the post office within
twenty-four hours of payment.  Shipping in the USA is free, calculated in the cost of the product.

International shipping to Canada and Great Britain only: $8.00 added to the overall costs.  (See SERVICES on the navbar

eMail if there is a problem with fitting your DJ. I'll pre-fit it on my book just to be as sure as possible that all is correct.
However, anything is possible. So contact me immediately if you have a problem.