Fantasy Variant - The Pirates of Venus - the Canaveral Press Edition
Fantasy Variant:
The original dust jacket for the Canaveral reprint of
The Pirates of Venus is a poor effort, at best.  Canaveral
Press decided, probably to cut costs, to ignore the original color J. Allen St. John illustration done for the first
edition and substituted it with the badly designed DJ you can see at right. I decided to replace
this design with a full color version of this basic composition.  

So I scanned the original black and white illustration done for page 142 (see left B&W) of the first edition.  I
then began to infuse color, building it layer by layer, until I had a more life-like and a more colorful front
cover.  I hope that you agree that this variant is a strong esthetic improvement over the original.
PIRATES OF VENUS - St John variant for Canaveral editions - $11.99

Once purchased, your dust jacket will be wrapped in a mylar dust cover, packed flat, and mailed within
twenty-four hours of payment, even on weekends --- It won't go out until the next workday, but it will be
dropped off at the post office within twenty-four hours of payment.  Shipping in the USA is free,
calculated in the cost of the product.

International shipping to Canada and Great Britain only: $8.00 added to the overall costs.  (See
SERVICES on the navbar above.)

eMail if there is a problem with fitting your DJ. I'll pre-fit it on my book just to be as sure as possible that
all is correct. However, anything is possible. So contact me immediately if you have a problem.