LOST ON VENUS - J. Allen St. John - Version 2 variant Canaveral Press edition
Lost on Venus - Version 2 - St. John Canaveral Press Variant - $10.99
Using the J. Allen St. John b&w frontispiece for the ERB Inc. first edition of LOST ON VENUS, I've created a second
variant for this edition.   I tinted the gray-tone frontispiece to create the illusion of a color illustration by simply building
tints one on top of the other until I felt the color values were correct. I made this variant in response to two requests for a
pictorial front cover on a Canaveral variant, instead of the black-background variant (
Version 1) originally made for this

Personally, I feel the black background in
version 1 is a better overall design, but, of course, tastes vary.  However, I can't
really complain, because this version turned out almost as well.

If you decide to buy a variant, don't throw the old DJ away.  It's too valuable to collectors.  Instead simply keep it on the
book, but put the variant over it.