LOST ON VENUS - Canaveral Press Variant - St. John artwork
The variant on my copy of the
Canaveral edition.
Lost on Venus - St John variant Canaveral Press - $11.99
Original Canaveral Press design
LOST ON VENUS - variant for the Canaveral Press edition.  
The original dj (above left) is a fairly colorless reworking of the St. John design used on all editions published in ERB's lifetime.  I never
have cared for the Canaveral Press covers that were reworked from those on the original editions.  In fact, up until they began to hire
modern professional artists under the leadership of Richard Lupoff, their covers were generally uninteresting, colorless efforts.  For the
past year, I've been steadily producing variants to replace them.

Although the response to this variant has been positive, two prospective customers have requested a more pictorial front cover on a
Canaveral variant.  I have therefore created a second variant for the Canaveral edition.  Click this link:
Version 2.

If you decide to buy a variant, don't throw the old DJ away.  It's too valuable to collectors.  Instead simply keep it on the book, but put the
variant over it.  It particularly looks great if you have both encased in a mylar protector.