Variant Dust Jacket for THE GIRL FROM HOLLYWOOD - G. W. Goss illustration

After years in the "pulp" magazines, in 1921, Burroughs was looking to break out into the more lucrative market of the higher class
"slick" magazines and the mainstream hardbound-fiction market. Also, Burroughs wanted to test whether or not the public would
accept anything other than his science-fiction.  Once completed
The Girl From Hollywood would for a short time achieve both goals.

The novel was originally published in MUNSEY'S MAGAZINE in 1922, not the best of the slicks, but certainly a step above the pulps.  
The first hardback edition was published nine months later by the Macauley Company of New York. Critics greated the novel with
scorn, but apparently the public loved it.  Macauley reprinted the book eight times before they halted publication in 1925.  It was
given a second magazine publication in 1927 in the monthly slick THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL.

The Methuen Company of Great Britian published the book three times between 1924 and 1928, and a first paperback edition was
printed in England by Pinnical Books in 1954.  The first American paperback edition was by ACE Books in 1977 with cover art by
Boris Vallejo.

For this particular variant dust jacket I used the Methuen front cover illustration by G. W. Goss.

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The Girl From Hollywood - G.W. Goss Variant                                                                                                                            $11.99