Escape On Venus - Variant - Canaveral Press edition based on John Coleman Burroughs frontispiece
Escape on Venus - John Coleman Burroughs variant Canaveral Press editions  - $9.99
Canaveral Front Cover
Canaveral Frontispiece (ERB Inc. was the same) by
John Coleman Burroughs
Escape On Venus - John Coleman Burroughs variant ERB Inc. - $9.99
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The variant on my copy of the book.
The original dust jacket for the Canaveral reprint of Escape On Venus is
poorly executed.  Canaveral isn't all to blame on this one; even the
original full-color, ERB Inc., first edition seems naive, even cartoonish.  
Canaveral Press simply had someone adapt that original into a
two-color front cover.  In both editions, the jackets leave much to be

However, the B&W interior illustrations are some of John Coleman
Burroughs' very best.  To make this variant I scanned the original black
and white frontispiece illustration.  I then began to infuse color, building
it layer by layer, until I had a more life-like and a more colorful front
cover.  I did not care for the spine design; so I reworked it.  For the
Canaveral edition I kept the back cover and flaps from the original
Canaveral scan.  For the ERB Inc. edition back cover, I borrowed Roy
G. Krenkel's frontispiece to the 1963 ACE reprint of this title.  I hope that
you agree that this variant is a strong esthetic improvement over the