Variant - AT THE EARTH'S CORE - Canaveral Press and G&D editions - St. John artwork
I love the St. John illustration for the first edition cover to AT THE EARTH'S CORE, but I have never cared
particularly for the Mahlon Blaine illustrations of the early Canaveral editions.  Therefore, I have developed a
variant facsimile for the Canaveral edition using the J. Allen St. John two-color illustration opposite page 258
of the McClurg edition (see above right).    I also adapted the illustration to G&D editions of the 1920s and 30s.  
I modified the back cover and flaps on both editions.  

To create the illusion of color, I infused transparent hues, building layer by layer halting only when I felt tone
and value
were correct, giving the finished illustration a water-color look that I find esthetically pleasing.  I
hope you do too.

AT THE EARTH'S CORE - St John Variant for Canaveral Press editions - $10.99
AT THE EARTH'S CORE - St. John variant for Grosset & Dunlap editions - $10.99