Reprint editions
Grosset & Dunlap
A. L. Burt Co.
J. Allen St. John painting done for the first edition of THE ETERNAL LOVER,
A. C. McClurg, October 1925.
(Note: For those authors whose first
editions have become very high-priced
[such as Burroughs], A. L. Burt and
Grosset & Dunlap reprints in dust
jackets closely matching the first
edition's are sometimes desirable.)
              text adapted
A. L. Burt and Grosset & Dunlap never
published an Edgar Rice Burroughs
first edition.  For ERB's works they
were reprint houses only.  On eBay
and other online sales and auction
houses, you'll see claims to the
contrary.  Ignore them and consider
the source.  I and almost all other
collectors have made similar errors
when we first started our collections.  
ERB Inc 1948 Reprints
Edgar Rice Burroughs c. 1920
Boys & Girls Series - 9 Tarzan books
published by G&D from 1948 to c. 1964.
Canaveral Press Reprints
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