Grosset & Dunlap - Martian Series - one through four
A Princess of Mars - V1 Antiqued - 1922 - $9.99
THE WARLORD OF MARS - G&D Antiqued Version - 1920 -  $9.99
J. Allen St. John wrap-around
illustration for the first edition
Allen was the son of a painter
and had early, fond memories
of absorbing the Parisian art
scene with his mother.  After
showing himself ill-suited for a
"respectable" business
career, his peeved father sent
him West to become a
cowboy. Once there, he
instead took up with painter
Eugene Torrey - which led to
studies at the Art Students'
League in New York, the
Academy Julian in Paris and a
hugely successful career. He
is best known for illustrating
the Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan books.
The Gods Of Mars  -  Antique version - 1924 - $9.99
A Princess of Mars - V2  - 1923 - $9.99
The Gods of Mars - G&D v2 - 1934 - $9.99
Thuvia, Maid of Mars - antiqued verison - 1929 - $9.99
The Warlord of Mars - V2 G&D - 1932 -  $9.99
Burroughs in the uniform of the Illinois State
Militia in 1918 - the year G&D reprinted
Princess of Mars.
Thuvia, Maid of Mars - G&D V2 - 1923 - $9.99
NOTE:   On this page you will see two facsimile versions of the same dust jacket.  This happens because as my collection grows and I gain new
DJs to work with and I gain skill, I try to create a clean copy of  those facsimiles that were fairly rough when finished.   Yet these rough first efforts
have virtues, such as an authentic look more closely resembling an original, older jacket.  So instead of throwing the old version out, I keep it and
add the newer version along side it.  

The first version will be what I have called the "Antiqued Version," a facsimile in which I have made few corrections other that cleaning up the
edges and restoring missing data. The second, called "Version 2," has been corrected so that, while the finish may not be completely white, it has
had most of the blemishes removed and the text corrected.
A PRINCESS OF MARS - 1st Grosset & Dunlap edition  1918 -  $9.99
NOTE: The back panel and flap for the first Grosset & Dunlap dust jacket of A PRINCESS OF MARS
is somewhat different from all other editions of any G&D Edgar Rice Burroughs title that I have
listed, or that I have seen.  The book and DJ are among the rarest and. therefore, most difficult of
Burroughs' reprints to find. I've been doing this for many years, and I had never seen one until last
week (today is 3/29/13) when I stumbled across it on the Heritage Auction House site. The jpeg file
wasn't good enough to use straight, but it did give me a template to use for the development of the
facsimile you see above.  I'm happy with the above result and hope you enjoy it, too
THE WARLORD OF MARS - 1st G&D edition 1920 - $9.99
The Gods of Mars - 1st G&D -  1919 -  $9.99