G&D Illustration for Tarzan of the Apes - believed to be by Paul Starr
Illustration for Prewar Grosset & Dunlap editions of Tarzan of the Apes.  This image is a reconstruction by ERB fan writer and artist, TANGOR.  

This iconic dust-jacket design was originally a three-tone lithograph by Fred J. Arting for the A. C. McClurg first edition (see below) and subsequent A.
L. Burt reprints of
Tarzan of the Apes.  When G&D obtained the contract to publish this title, they had the Arting DJ redesigned into the four-color
illustration you see above.  Based on stylistic similarities between this work and others by Paul Starr, many fans believe that Paul Starr did the G&D

TANGOR has removed the lettering, and redefined and reinforced the color, creating a reconstruction that is a faithful, but enhanced
, version of what
the original must have looked like.  Thanks Tangor, well done.